Applicants can complete the approval process in 5 easy steps:

  1. We invite you to call our office and get all your questions answered. Once you are ready to start, we will email you an application.
  2. Complete the application and return them to our office via email, fax, or regular mail.
  3. We will submit the required information to the insurance and bond companies. Approval from these companies typically takes only two to three business days.
  4. Once you are approved, you will mail the original application, along with payment to our office. Payment can be made with money order, cashier check, or PayPal. (Note: If using PayPal, you may be responsible for a transaction fee.) Personal checks may be accepted but may delay the auction registration process until the funds clear. Prior approval is requested.
  5. Upon receipt of all documents and payment, you will be sent out your introduction packet. This will include all required forms to complete vehicle sales, copies of dealership credentials as needed, records indicating you are now a partner of the dealership, and a dealer plate (if applicable.) We will also begin registering you at the auctions you wish to attend.

Criteria to Apply

In order to be accepted as a partner of one of our dealerships we require a completed application, proof of identity and proof that you are able to work in the United States. The applicants will be reviewed by the Insurance and Bond Company for approval. While most people are accepted items of disqualification of application would be careless driving, DUI in the past few years, felonies related to auto sales or fraud. The bond and insurance company must be able to approve the application to become a partner. Also minimum of 6-7 thousand dollars available to purchase and recondition vehicles in inventory, we ask you to contact our staff to go over these qualifications in greater detail.

If information is approved it is kept on file in our secure facility. If application is denied it is shredded.

Your Auto Dealership LLC protects your information and wants you to have a clear understanding of what it takes to become a partner of our dealership.