Recent Deals

2000 Chevy Cavalier

Make Cavalier Z24Miles 89k milesBought $2,135Sold $3,750Very Nice $1,615.00 Profit!!!

1998 Mercedes E320

Make Mercedes E320Miles 98k milesBought $8,000Sold 6 weeks later for $11,500Very Nice $3,500 Profit!!!

1999 Chevy Cavalier

Make CavalierMile 90k.Bought $2,500Sold In 2 weeks for $3100Quick and Easy $600 profit.

1996 Monte Carlo

Make Monte CarloMile 75k.Bought $2,900Sold One month later for $4,000One Owner Vehicle. Brake job cost $100. $1,000 profit.

1998 Mercedes C280

Make Mercedes C280Mile 80k.Bought $5,500Sold 9 Days Later for $7,200Quick $1,700 Profit.

1998 Dodge Ram

Make Dodge RamMile150k.Bought $2,100Sold Sold on Ebay 5 days later for $2,950$100 for selling on Ebay. Super easy $750 profit for only a few hours of work!

1998 Ford Explorer

Make Explorer XLMile 116K.Bought $2,050Sold $3,500

1993 Toyota Camry

Make Camry LEMile 158K.Bought $1,140Sold $2,900

2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Make Montero SportMile135K.Bought $2,800Sold $4,700

1995 Chevy S10 Pick Up

Make S10 Pick UpMile 74K.Bought $2,800Sold $4,000

1996 Honda Accord

Make AccordMile125K.Bought $2,500Sold $4,050

2000 Mazda MPV ES

Make MPV ESMile94K.Bought $3,500Sold $5,200

1997 Toyota Camry

Make CamryMile 145K.Bought $2,300Sold $3,900