Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected the most frequently asked questions and provided them here for your convenience.  Feel free to review them all, or select the category of interest below. 

How can I legally buy and sell cars if I join one your dealerships?
Most states require that anyone that wants to buy and sell vehicles for profit become a licensed auto dealer. We allow individuals to join a LLC (Limited Liability Company,) that owns an auto dealership. Anyone who is a member of the LLC and part owner of an automotive dealership is automatically a licensed auto dealer, able to buy and sell vehicles for a profit, anywhere in the USA!  Remember, only a licensed automotive dealer can buy and sell cars for profit, not buyers or employees of a dealership.

How much is your dealership program?
We do not charge a high initial investment to join one of our dealerships as a partner. All members of our dealerships equally share the monthly overhead of the dealership, which is $249 per month. If you require the use of a dealer plate, your share of the dealership expenses is $399 per month. No hidden expenses or per car transaction fees.   

Insurance and Dealer Bond is included.  Also, as a partner, you will have access to dealer only auctions, a dealer plate (if requested,) live auction training, and all needed forms to complete transactions. 

Your real investment is vehicles purchased for resale, whether it is late model vehicles, or older vehicles.  Please call us to review your specific needs and business model.   

What other expenses will I incur in the automotive business?
Our program allows our members to keep their overhead extremely low. You should budget for advertising and some basic office supplies. 

Do the members of the dealership share profits?
There is no profit sharing among the members.  You keep 100% of your profits.   

What wholesale and dealer only auctions are in my area?
You may visit and for a list of auctions in your area. Additionally, we have a comprehensive list of all the wholesale and dealer only auctions in the United States. Please call us for a list of auctions in your area and we can help select the right auctions for you to attend.

 Of course, you are free to attend any dealer auction. Simply call us and have us register you at the auctions of your choice. 

How long is the partnership agreement?
We are seeking professional, minded individuals to join our dealership group. However, if at any time you decide the automotive industry is not for you, simply notify us in writing that you wish to end your partnership with two months notice. 

How quickly can I become a licensed dealer through your program?
You can have your dealer license and begin buying and selling vehicles in as little as 7 – 10 days.   

How many members do you have nationwide?
We have about 60 members nationwide. 

Where are your dealerships located?
We have dealerships located coast to coast.  Please call us for more information. 

May I speak to members of the dealerships?
Of course! We invite you call our office at 888-207-1911, for references. You are also welcome to visit us at one of our dealerships to learn more about us and the automotive industry. 

What types of vehicles can the dealership buy and sell?
Our dealerships can buy and sell cars, trucks, motorcycles, new & used scooters and ATV’s, personal watercraft, and boats. Some members may choose to specialize in classic, specialty, or performance vehicles. While we can provide guidance regarding dealership inventory, our members decide which vehicles to purchase for resale. 

How many hours per week should I devote to the business? Can I become a member on a part time basis?
Yes, you can work the business on a part time or full time basis, the choice is yours. We have members who work in the auto industry full time and others who are supplementing their income from a full time job. It is recommended that your schedule allows you to attend a couple of dealer auctions per month. 

I have heard the term “renting a dealer license and plate.” Is this the same thing?
No. We do not let individuals borrow or rent our license or plate. That practice is illegal in all states. However, we do allow select individuals in certain markets to become a member of a LLC which owns, which is legal and acceptable. Additionally, all members of a dealership are included on the dealership insurance and dealership bond, as required. We believe in full compliance with all DMV rules and regulations and strive to exceed those standards. Remember, only owners of a dealership can invest in inventory for resale. 

Will I be getting my own dealer license?
Yes, you will, as you become a part owner of an existing dealership. 

As we collect additional questions, we will post the answers here.  As always, please free call us with any questions or concerns you may have.